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Expanded Polystyrene

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Expandable Polystyene Recycling

Expandable polystyrene is one of the few materials that can truly claim to be 100% recyclable, expanded polystyrene can be reused in the manufacture of new EPS products, soil improvements, auxiliary compost material, added to other building materials and by fusion and granulation turned into simple products such as coat hangers and pens.
Expanded polystyrene recycling
1. Waste EPS can be ground and mixed in various proportions with virgin material.
2. Recycled EPS can be used in the manufacturing of drainage board, loose fill peanuts and products such as plastic lumber and architectural molding/trim.
3. Used EPS can be ground and mixed with soil and compost to promote aeration.
EPS|flame retardant expanded polystyrene manufacturers & suppliers ! 4. When melted or densified, expandable polystyrene becomes solid polystyrene and shrinks in volume. Once solidified, it can be reground and used in the production of pens, coat hangers, and CD jewel boxes.
5. Paper and other types of cups and containers may be limited in the recycling process due to coated waxes or other plastics used in the production.

Life cycle analyses have shown that expanded polystyrene has far less of an impact on the environment than other competitive materials for the same use.